Stim blog alignment chart


Lawful good: Neat and tidy theme, several links like BYF and about, tags everything and frequently makes content, does requests but will vanquish all discourse from this house

Neutral good: Tags both actual content and their own commentary, sometimes intersperses stim things with positivity or jokes, wants to get to know their followers and cheer them up

Chaotic good: Answers asks about absolutely anything including barely coherent memes, ironically reblogs or posts cursed stims, spams posts at 4 AM, blog theme did you mean blog meme

Lawful neutral: No asks and pure stim content, has a scheduled queue, simple tagging system, carefully cultivated color scheme they will defend with their life

True neutral: Dead silence, no posts or tags, nobody knows a thing about them. Probably only reblogs, may drop off the face of the earth for four months then reappear without comment

Chaotic neutral: Hhgjhfdi??? jgjjesfjdoieofjnsdnj????? hhhhhh???? literally no one knows what on earth is going on over there, not even whoever’s running it

Lawful evil: 80% discourse, has either been on a blocklist or made a blocklist, two page long about detailing their opinions on every conceivable topic, has either one mod or ten

Neutral evil: Bizarre discourse about the most inane things, unironically reblogs or posts cursed stims Changes name/url every week like they’re on the run from the cops (they very well might be)

Chaotic evil: onceler tiddies fandom stimboard with no credit