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Beautiful Natural Rainbow Galaxy Quartz Necklace. A lovely gift for your friends, family or special someone!




It’s beautiful omggg- I want one QAQ




I totally bought this

They are quite beautiful, but seriously for relieving anxiety or good luck or whatever else this gem does and this one does that. Mind over matter, the power of suggestion. It’s crazy the tricks that your mind can play on you. How about the placebo effect. Sure when you look at something beautiful it could take your mind off of things and then you forget about it for a little while. Whatever floats your boat.

Where the blue hand is points is Aquamarine(for romance and brings fertility). Red arrow to Morganite (for courage and strength) and the blue arrow to Strontium (for pain and intelligence). That was all just some bullshit that I have just made up this very moment.

OMG! I was just saying that these gems in the rough in jewelry was beautiful and I thought they were totally natural, but THEY ARE NOT. There is NO such thing as Natural Aurora Quartz. It’s usually treated with some kind of metal. They coat it or spray it on very thin and you get a similar effect like when you see the colors of the rainbowlike sheen that comes from the metal. I see this so many times and I guess that it’s alright as long as you are aware that is what it is. You always find it at places like psychics, “witches”, where you find those"healing stones and crystals"and where ever else that deals with the magical, voodoo, miraculous sorts of things that I would think some Common Sense. I guess I got a scientific realistic mind.

I just realized that I’m just being a bully and I don’t even tolerate this type of thing. Forgive me for all of the ugly and nasty stuff that I have just said. Although I have to stand my ground on the truth of stones and healing powers and also trying to sell treated gems that are advertising as “natural and real” and that is against the law unless they are heated to treat them. Heating gems and stones to treat them is the only thing you don’t need to tell your customers. It’s fraud. So be aware and it doesn’t hurt to become a little more knowledgeable and ask questions, but with dealing with those types of people and places they are going to lie to you or they just actually believe it themselves. I just stay away. Aurora crystals are fake at least all that play of color or changing color stuff. I guess it’s fascinating, but don’t believe that it’s natural.

☠️ BEWARE: These Aurora Rainbow Stones are not real or natural. This is false advertising and it is FRAUD. It is against the law to claim that a gem or a stone is totally natural and untreated. The merchant who is selling any gems or gemstone jewelry has to reveal any kind of information about the treatment of gems. There is only one treatment that you don’t have to tell you and that is whether the stone is heated or not to enhance the gem. When all these places that sell Aurora Rainbow Stones or crystals understand there’s no such thing. They are sprayed or put a super thin coating of some sort of metal to give it that rainbowlike sheen or in some other way. These look like it’s possible that these could of been dyed or some other type of treatment to give that fake deep multi color look. But I don’t know. Nevertheless these are fake. I would ask if they’re treated or ask them to tell you all about the gem , like where it came from or how does naturally look like this, etc. I know pretty much about gemstones and specimens and study and collect them. I don’t know everything, but just wanted you to be careful with the word natural or real, etc. Unfortunately this is the way for so many things. It’s all about the money and a lot of people will do whatever they need to do to get it. Maybe it’s true “money is the root of all evil”.